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Cyber Security is essential for all businesses and organisations today. But achieving Cyber Security can be complicated and expensive. CA Cyber Security and Training can help you navigate through these difficulties by providing innovative Training solutions. Offering a blended learning environment, our programmes prepares leaders and employees from all industries on how to manage an increasingly complex cyber security environment.

Participants gain a full understanding of the challenges and potential risks of cyber. Our training programmes cover topics such as “Core Cyber Security Concepts, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Globalisation and Supply chain cyber security, Cyber Security Controls and Operations and Resilience and threat response. Candidates gain up to-date knowledge of ongoing changes in cyber security.

Why cyber security awareness is essential? Well, is a professional has awareness of cyber they can prevent or reduce threats, which is evidence by “95% reduction of virus and malware threats in financial institutions due to cyber awareness, 90% reduction of phishing attempts in educational institute and 80% reduction of fraud attaches on government employees” ( website)
Individuals and organisations investing in Cyber Security are safeguarding their futures. With the correct training and guidance, it is possible to mitigate current and future threats.


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